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You guys are spoilt for choice in the summer months because as soon as the six month ski season draws to a close, the outdoor adventure scene really kicks off with mountain biking, nature trails, hiking galore, paragliding (also available all year round), rafting, canyoning, Nordic Walking and more! You can easily arrange many of these great activities through the reception of the hostel, buy in support of the try before you buy principle, here’s a little more on the best options on offer.


There are over 350 kilometres of superb hiking trails around Bad Gastein and if you go through the Tourist Office in town you can easily enjoy a day long, guided walk of your surrounds, jam packed with multi lingual, storytelling good times. A top tip for the nature enthusiasts in the backpacker crowd is to head to Via Aurea ‐ on the trail of the Tauren Gold. Not to spoil the surprise at the end, but be sure to take your camera with you for this one. If you don’t you’ll most certainly regret it.

If you’re a fan of transport with two wheels and great cycle routes then prepare to suppress a squeal of pure joy and excitement. In Bad Gastein you environmentally friendly travellers can enjoy more than 120km of dedicated bike tracks ‐ including the very, very cool Gasteiner Valley Cycle Path. This stretches all the way from Böckstein to Klammstein! If after such a cycle you’re still feeling the urge to stretch your legs and fancy a jog, then you can’t go wrong with a jaunt around the Arena Gastein.


If you like riding around in nature on horse back, then you’re going to love the Via Aurea Path ‐ out of Bad Gastein. In the historically significant days of yesterday, this route was used to transport gold but now all you’re likely to encounter are guided mule rides and fellow equestrian fans. You can head out for many a leisurely kilometre courtesy of the Oberhaizinggut Island Pony Farm, who organise treks that last for several days or just a matter of hours. You can also strap up your backpack and go Lama Trekking but this one requires a little specialist training ‐ so only try it out if you’re feeling adventurous


Riding a motorcycle through the Austrian Alps, it offers very different than in the winter skiing or traveling by car. Motorcyclists here are offered plenty of moto tourist routes with a uniquely spectacular mountain roads, welcoming pubs and noteworthy sights. We will prepare and offer rides to your wishes and the rest of the time allowed. In the "Motorcycle" is probably a brief look at some sites which we recommend to consider traveling in the Land Salzburg


Bad Gastein and its immediate surroundings are full of wonderful natural and man-made sites, some of them are unique, so do not miss the opportunity to visit and enjoy their beauty. Recommend that travel through the Alps Panorama Road, showing a Grosglokners and Franz Josef glacier, visit the Liechtenstein gorge, Hofverfenas fortress and the world's largest ice cave, waterfall Krimlas, "Eagle nest" and Königssee in Germany and many other places.


Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgasteina have long been renowned for their curative effect of groundwater. It Gastein valley has revealed ancient Romans 2,000 years ago. Also later this position because of thermal waters visited by famous European diplomats and aristocrats, Archduke Ferdinand III, Emperor Francis Joseph I and his wife, Otto Bismarck, the composer Franz Schubert, philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, etc. Gastein was even known as "the diplomat tub. Currently, Gastein valley has access to modern spa complex, which can enjoy the thermal waters of exposure. On the thermal waters are called the natural underground water, where they are, iznākdami above the ground, the temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius. Thermal waters are recommended for joint diseases, neurological, circulatory disorders, bronchial inflammation, fatigue, insomnia, depression of immunity. Treatment here is the real satisfaction and pleasure and flesh and spirit: Thermal pools can swim, enjoy different types of baths, water massage, a variety of entertainment in the water (the cinema hall, sliding tubes, jacuzzi bath, open pools, etc.). About 5 million liters of thermal water, enriched with natural rodonu is around 42 * C warm, are taken from 17 groundwater sources and every day is spent in guest comfort and health. Thermal waters cleanses the skin, tones the body, calms the nervous system, stimulates metabolism. Swim in the thermal pools are usually allowed without a doctor's instructions, however, take into account that, despite their beneficial effects on the body, thermal pools must not stay too long. Bad Hofgasteinā thermal water complex Alpena THERMES. Bad Gastein - FELSENTHERME - Both of these recreation centers open throughout the year. They can relax and after a serious mountain hiking, skiing and beautiful day. Visiting the thermal waters in the complexes, do not forget to take along their children, all will enjoy!


50 years ago Gastein Radhausberga Hill mines were found in the metal, but found much more valuable: therapeutic implications. Rodona cave is unique in Europe only natural dziednīca created which improve health and cure various diseases driven by people from all over the world. Healing climate consists of pure mountain air, radon in the air, high humidity: 37 * - 41.5 * C at 70 - 100% humidity. Leading them there, and after a short while you will feel the positive effects on the body, mind and spirit. Steam Gallery is located 2.5 km inside the mountain, there you can get a special train. Here are treated polyarthritis, joint ailments (arthritis, osteochondrosis), chronic pain, sports and accidents, injuries and consequences of respiratory diseases - asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergic reactions, for example. "Hay fever". Little adventure to go inside the mountain, you can also simply to relax and regain strength. A unique combination - a high moisture-containing air, heat and radon gas - it's beer in Bad Gastein radon special effects! Staying radon in caves, are activated natural strength of the human body - both to combat chronic illnesses and immune system strengthening. Before you go in caves, you will definitely consult the doctor.


Gastein valley is popular among tennis fans recreational games and competitions place here are available in 30 outdoor courts, which are included in the Hohe Tauern National Park mountain peaks. Beautiful scenery, clean, fresh mountain air, the game on a natural surface gives each player a special feeling and satisfaction. Bad weather and winter are available in six indoor tennis courts, as well as a squash court. It is also a benefit to every player, regardless of whether the match won or lost.


Bad Gastein Golf Club is located 2 km away from downtown. This is one of the oldest classic golf clubs in Austria. 18-hole golf courses decorated in a very beautiful place and harmoniously into the landscape include the centuries-old trees in the small mountain springs and green hills. Golf club offers a golf school where everyone expected: both beginners and experienced golfers. Here you can learn the skills of the first golf game by improving their existing knowledge and skills. Golf club is open from May to November.


This one get’s its very own paragraph because quite simply ‐ it kicks more ass than Jackie Chan on an ecstasy trip. In a nutshell ‐ all you have to do in order to experience said ecstatic joy is take the Gondel lift up to the Flying Eldorado Dorfgastein. Here it is highly recommended that you strap a man with a parachute to your back before jumping! The weightlessness in the midst of such scenic scenery is heavenly and if you want to show off the views on the way down, cameras can be catered for. There’s also an exclusively reserved landing space ‐ just so you guys don’t have to worry about landing on an assortment of sheep and skiers.


Unforgettable feelings poses a boat trip - rafting, instructor escorted by mountain river Zalcu 7 km in length, between Taxenbahas to Švarczahai. Are offered in various degrees of difficulty runs: for families with children, and experienced raftingers. All through the necessary equipment (helmet, wet suit, boots, etc.) is offered on site and is included in the price. Please bring only their bathing suit and towel. Before the trip is a short briefing. Rafting center of expertise, skills, professionalism guarantees high safety standards. Each raftinger receive a certificate for the ski. Rafting can participate in children from 8-18 years old with parents, adults, everyone who likes sports and entertainment. Are also offered a special program for children where they can get into the pirate role and find a treasure Zalcas River. Fun guaranteed!


Going to the Gastein valley do not forget to pick up a spinning rod or a! Gastein valley clear water you will encounter a range-size trout. Will be useful frippery. Gastein valley is one of the richest regions of the fish in Austria. The license offered is wide assortment of fish, but the fisher is the pride of the trout and salmon. Why an evening meal on the table raise their large role?!

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