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It is worthy to look at

Glosklocner alpine road – 46km, Eagle Nest – 90km, Kooneegsee- 90km, Kriml-76km, Gerlos alpine road – Hart am Zillertall – 120km, Zell am See- 38km, Kaprun – 46km, Salzburg  – 96 km, Munich – 240 km, Innsbruck - 120km, Venice - 350km

Bad Gastein and the nearest surroundings are famous for its marvellous places had been created by nature and by people, many of the  which are unique on a global scale, therefore don’t miss the opportunity to visit such places and to enjoy magic and charm of it. We invite you to make journey and look over panorama of the Alps, where you would have the chance to see Grosglokner and Francis Joseph glacier, to visit Kriml’s   waterfall, Liechtenstein canyon, Hofverfen citadel, ice grotto, which is  the greatest at peace,  „Eagle Nest” in Germany and many of another surroundings.      
GROSGLOCKNER (Großglockner Hochalpenstraße) springs up from Bruck  (about 35 km distance from apartaments - guest house HAUS BERGNER) – national park  in high Tauern is crossed by Grosglokner mountain road, which is considered among such roads as one of  the most beautiful at peace.  Road length is 47.8 km and it’s part of  road, passed  on   north- southern  direction, from Bavaria to Italy. Two side roads reaching  up to sightseeing places branch off  the main road. This way having is characterised by very good condition and quality, has temperate slopes and  it’s sufficiently flat for free passage by big tourist buses. The road is provided with many parking-places, where you may to stay easy, to take pleasure in nature, to take a photos. Imposing rocks of Carinthian Alps, the highest snow alps and blossoming Alpine meadows may be observed from  areas of view.  Edelvaisshpice (2577 m) is the first alp on the way to glacier- road streamer resembles Norway in appearance, but nature’s picture agrees with Alps, after that there is Francis Joseph height, where emperor had walked. It is better to sense, that there are the highest Austrian alp - Grosglokner (3798 m) and the greatest glacier Pasterce, which jointly with 40 another glaciers  forms vigorous thick ice  ridge  Grosglokner with area 40 km2 . Only single fact should be  taken into account, that it’s advisable to be guided by weather forecast during planning such tour, because in the rain and when it mists such tour would not be so enjoyable.

  • KRIMLLER WASERFÄLLE (about 76 km distance from apartments - guest house HAUS BERGNER). The waterfall, which is the famous and greatest in Europe and fifth at peace, is located in the north-western part of national park  in high Tauern. Krimlerahe river flows from height of 3000 m and forms 3 cascades  with total height of 380 metres.  There are very impressive appearance of nature, and it is worthy to devote 3 hours and not great physical efforts to carry out full pedestrian crossing up to upper cascade of waterfall  and backwards, at half-way to lie down for a moment on rocky river shore to receive the energy from stones. But  everything would be covered with ice in winter.

  • GERLOS – (Gerlos alpine route) begins just from  Krimles village and go upwards to mountain crossing Gerlos, 1500 m above sea level, with splendid view  of ski routes and alp hamlets. This route in both directions, up to Hart Zillertall and back, is rated highly by many of auto tourists and travellers on motorcycles, since the nature  here is really amazing! As well in Grosglockner, there are many of parking-places and  small restaurants. Well-known rodeo route is located in Hart Zillertall.  

  • KAPRUN (about 46 km distance from apartments - guest house HAUS BERGNER). – Going by ski resorts we will arrive to ski lift, mounted at mountain electric power station, the  greatest in Europe (at a height 2500 m), which is powerful engineering construction- the dam. And again - unique views of nature in mountains, many of promenade routes.

  • ZELL AM SEE (about 38 km distance from apartments - guest house HAUS BERGNER). – is located on shore of beautiful mountain lake and just at foot mountain for skiing and this quite charming small town with every opportunities for rest is highly estimated as by inhabitants as by tourists.

  • 20 km descent  down mountain river (to find in internet)

  • LIECHTENSTEIN CANYON – “Lichtenstein klain” (36 km distance from apartments - guest house HAUS BERGNER) – the canyon, which is considered as  wonder of nature and one of the most beautiful, long  and deepest canyon in the Alps, fairy canyon with unique views and cascades of waterfalls.

  • St. JOHANN IM PONGAU –  beautiful small town, created for calm walks, there are sufficiently suitable conditions for shopping.

  • SALZBURG (96 km distance from apartments - guest house HAUS BERGNER)  - the pearl of Baroque taste, imposing citadel Hoenzalcburg, had been build in eleventh century, which proudly towers on mountain height, Angelic staircase, Pundur square, the cathedral of Salzburg, the residence of archbishop, the horses stabling, Mirabella palace, fountains and sculptures, salt mines – grottos, treasures, had been recondited by Nazi in their lowest levels, still are found.  River Salzach flows through  native town of Mozartu, on the left shore of which Mozart’s mother house is located, on the right shore – mountain of Capushins (Kapuzinerberg) is also worthy to look at.   

  • WERFEN – fortress  HOHENWERFEN, towering  on rock relief, located in Verfen environs and giving us the picture of life in medieval centuries, and EISRIESENWELT, one of greatest in Europe caves system, are located there. Here you may look at every possible ice formations as well as amazing ice galleries.
  • KÖNIGSSEE (96,6 km distance from apartments - guest house HAUS BERGNER). – mountain lake in Germany – area of 5.5 km2, depth of 188 m, the lake is situated at  600 m above sea level. This is the most clean in Europe, looking like fiord, extending for the length of 8 kilometres  among high  rocks and amazing it’s unbelievable acoustics. The sail by small ship is very enjoyable, there is possibility to hear echo in mountains and to get the full rest during a few hours. It would be possibility during such tour to go ashore at any of mooring and to take for a mountain walk.
  • KEHLSTEINHAUS (EAGLE NEST – mountain tea - house of Adolph Hitler) was built in 1937. This tea –house is similar to stone building on mountain peak Kelshtein, known as Adlerhorst („Eagle nest”). It’s necessary to carry out some real technical  actions to arrive to „Eagle nest”: to drive at first along colourful mountain road  (Kehlsteinstrasse), which goes through 5 tunnels, fabulous views are opened here, then it’s necessary to go up by lift.  Restaurant is situated at „Eagle nest”, imposing view on Alps  is also seen here. This trip is advised to be joined with tour Königsee//Eagle Nest/Salzburg, it would be necessary to watch the weather forecast in order to arrive at „Eagle nest” during clear or partly cloudy weather and to look   at marvellous views at rocks, as well as at Konnigsee lake  is embosomed in mountains, or at near Salzburg.


  • Riga ~ 1800 km
  • Innsbruck  ~ 170 km
  • Klagenfurt  ~ 130 km
  • Salzburg ~ 100 km
  • Vienna ~ 420 km
  • Munich ~ 230 km
  • Venice ~ 349 km
  • Croatia (Rijek) ~ 299 km
  • Geneva ~ 811 km
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